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Do you fondly remember your favourite childhood toys?

Do you have happy memories of long games of Monopoly or Risk?

Do you find younger kids' perspectives interesting and often funny?

When you see older kids horsing around, do you sometimes get the urge to join in?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you enjoy children and the way they play.

Chances are also good that you’d enjoy being a part of that play time. You can achieve that by starting a children-related business.

We offer the following Franchise and License packages from Teddy Tennis in the UK – The opportunity for coaches, clubs, entrepreneurs, sport development graduates, local authorities and corporate.

With the rise in the birth rate and a more direct awareness of child physical activity in the preschool area, this sector is due to grow considerably over the next 3 to 5 years with a considerable focus by NHS trusts and local authorities with regards to child health. Several private sector activity franchises now operate in this area and the area is reputedly a £80 million market in the UK alone.

Watch our short video about the business benefits of running a Teddy Tennis operation.


Teddy Tennis offers individual franchises abroad based on metropolitan and regional/county areas.

Where a coach, tennis training company, luxury hotel or tennis club is interested in purchasing the country master franchise and selling multiple licenses then a separate 5 year agreement is created between both parties similar to current agreements in China and South Africa.

Please speak direct to owner Stephen Bean on to arrange a skype conversation.

The Franchise Package

5 year franchise fee

£5,650 for one territory.

3 year franchise fee

£3,500 for one territory.

1 year franchise fee

£2,795 for one location excluding training.

The Licence Package

A license is a light touch franchise making it cost effective for a coach, club or corporate to test the water with a smaller territory and then add on future licences.

If you’re looking for licence opportunities for the sort of groups and classes you may have attended yourself with your little ones – you’re in the right place.
If you have lots of energy, a love of children and an interest or aptitude for music, dance, P.E., or teaching Maths or English, starting up a licence could be a way to combine your skills with a balanced life.

5 year Licence fee: £1,730 for one territory. Teddy Tennis can break this licence fee down into annual  payments of £495 in exceptional candidate circumstances.

  • Equipment Prices: Minimum equipment order (for one coach) £650
  • Training: Coaches training course for up to six coaches £600; excludes all travel, accommodation and meals

For licence inquiries please email us at and include your contact details and we will get back to you.

An overview and comparison between a franchise and a licence in the UK
Franchise License
Exclusive right to deliver Teddy Tennis in a pre-defined location or territory 200,000 population 50,000 population
The right to use all Teddy Tennis intellectual material (songs, images, activities, lesson plans, etc) Yes Yes
Loan of the Teddy Tennis Coach’s Manual: this manual is used in every Teddy Tennis lesson and CDs includes all the lesson plans, the activity cards and the coach’s Yes Yes
Comprehensive coach training programme 3 days 1 day
Business training 1 day face to face 1/2 day Skype
Online CPD training Yes Yes
Ongoing marketing and promotion support Yes Yes
Call centre, booking Yes Yes
Customer Payment facility Yes No – Direct Debit
Access to all new games, activities, songs and other Teddy Tennis updates Yes Yes
Cost (5 year period) £5,650 £2,795
Royalty 12.5% of turnover 12.5% of turnover
Monthly minimum payment £140 n/a