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Where can I play Teddy Tennis?

Currently, Teddy Tennis is available in many locations around the world, including UK, USA, South Africa, Cyprus, Mallorca, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Colombia, Peru, Maldives and Mauritius.

Click on the “Find a class” page on our website to find classes near you.

We are always looking for new business partners who would like to teach Teddy Tennis. If you are interested in setting up a Teddy Tennis Franchise please visit our Teddy Tennis Franchise website

What equipment do I need?

If you are a parent you need to ensure your Cub Cadet has the following for every Teddy Tennis lesson:

  • Bottle of drinking water
  • A pair of trainers
  • Suitable sports clothing (Teddy Tennis Togs)
  • 17 or 19 inch Tennis Racket is provided or you can buy one from our Web Shop.

If you are running a Teddy Tennis franchise or program you will need the following:

  • Teddy Tennis Trainers Manual (including all the lesson plans and activity cards
  • Teddy Tennis CD player and the ‘coaches cut’ CDs (very important!)
  • Teddy Tennis net
  • Teddy Tennis rackets, and racket covers
  • Teddy Tennis balls and ball basket
  • Teddy Tennis bucket, bouncy ball and beach ball
  • Teddy Tennis Cub Cards and Stickers (very important)

Do you need a tennis court to play Teddy Tennis?

No you do not need a tennis court to play Teddy Tennis. Teddy Tennis can be played anywhere where there is suitable space indoors or outdoors.

Can a child of 2½ years of age really learn to play tennis?

Yes, children aged 2½ will learn to play tennis correctly through Teddy Tennis; the system works brilliantly and what is more, children love it and will want to play more and more.

What is the smallest space that is suitable to play Teddy Tennis?

Squash courts are good for playing Teddy Tennis as are small playgrounds.

Does Teddy Tennis teach children to play tennis properly?

Absolutely. In fact they could not receive a better start to tennis. Every Teddy Tennis games and activity has been specifically designed to help a young child develop the key fundamental skills of tennis. Graduates of the Teddy Tennis Academy will have developed the highest skill levels, and ones that will set them up to be successful tennis players for life.

Can I set up a Teddy Tennis franchise in my area?

We would be delighted to hear from businesses and individuals who would be interested in setting up a local Teddy Tennis franchise; both here in the UK and overseas.

For more information visit our Franchise Website

Where can I buy Teddy Tennis equipment and merchandise?

Teddy Tennis produces a variety of equipment, clothing and merchandise.

Rackets, Balls, T-Shirts etc are currently available from our Web Shop on our website.

What is the history of Teddy Tennis?

Teddy Tennis, as a concept, began in 2002 and evolved into its current format in 2006. From the outset Teddy Tennis was created to make the process of learning tennis for young children to be easy, enjoyable and above all fun.

Throughout its development, music and songs were always seen as an integral part of the teaching method, but a key breakthrough came when pictures of the teddy bear characters were combined with original songs into the learning process.

The combination of sight and sound, two key human senses has proved to be a very powerful teaching/learning tool, and one that proved to really work: – Teddy Tennis was born!

During the evolution of Teddy Tennis, every game, song, picture and indeed every new idea has been market tested on the most discerning member of the public; the 2½ to 6 year olds who have been taking Teddy Tennis lessons in Holland Park, West London. Teddy Tennis is indebted to the many hundreds of Cub Cadets (and their parents) that have helped evolve the program into what we know and love to day.

Teddy Tennis is subject to on-going development. New activities, games, songs and ideas are being developed and will be introduced as a formal part of the program but only once it has passed the demanding requirements of the Cub Cadets in Holland Park.