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Teddy Tennis is Coming to Bristol

Summer 2024

Book a Class

To book your child into a Teddy Tennis:-

  • Scroll down to the green banners and select lessons by age group and click.
  • If you have booked before you will just need to input your email to access your registration.

Teddy Tennis will be coming to the Bristol area in Summer 2024.  We are looking for local nurseries and kindergartens to host Teddy Tennis classes ….. and you don’t need a tennis court, just a flat, safe play space, indoors or outdoors. If you are intereted and would like to know more please email us

Head Ted

Steven Perryman

Course & Contact Details
07956 964888 and 07988 796011

Why should your child play teddy tennis?

  • Your child will  instantly engage with us as we use the bear characters
  • Various bears are good at activities. For example “Molly Loves to Volley”
  • Children see bear pictures showing them what to do making everything simple and fun to learn
  • Improving ball, movement and racket skills with friends brings with it confidence and co-ordination
  • All done to music, which has been specifically written for each Teddy Tennis game.
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