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Teddy Town does no exist we have just created this location for demonstration purposes only.   Please ignore all content

Online Booking

To book your child on to a Teddy Tennis class see below

  • If this is the first time you have used our on-line booking system you will need to register your details by clicking on the link below in the blue banner.
  • To book a class scroll down to the green banners, choose the venue/location of your choice and click to book and to get more details about the class(s).
Teddy Town

Teddy Tennis is unique in that all our lessons use music and pictures (of teddy bears) to teach and inspire the children….. and they love it.

To sample one of our tracks click on the link below.

Head Ted

Head Ted is the number 1 coach at the Teddy Tennis Academy.  He is top ‘Teddy’.

Course & Contact Details
+44 345 643 1173

Teddy Tennis lessons normally last 50 minutes but for the really young ones (the tiny teddies) 30 minutes may be more appropriate.

The Cub Cadets (Teddy Tennis name for the children) can play Teddy Tennis once a week but during the holdays everyday is not uncommon.

Venue Information

Teddy Tennis is taught in nurseries, kindergartens, day care centres, public parks, leisure centres and even tennis clubs.

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