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Online Booking

To book or register your child to PLAY Teddy Tennis see below

  • Scroll down to the green banners, choose a venue and click ‘BOOK IT’ or ‘ENROLL’
    If you have booked before you will just need to input your email to access your registration.
  • In you are having difficulties with this please call our Information Line on:
    0345 643 1173
Ealing and Acton

Welcome to Teddy Tennis Ealing and Acton – We have only been operating here a short while so we are looking for more venues, sport centres, nurseries, day care centres and primary schools where we can play Teddy Tennis, get in touch if you would like a FREE trial!… and we don’t need a tennis court.

We also offer:

  • Private Lessons
  • Holiday Camps
  • Birthday Parties
  • Free Trials for Nursery & School’s
Head Ted

The Head Ted in Ealing and Acton is Max Goldie

  • Level 2 Cricket Coach – ECB
  • First Aid Course – 2018
  • Holder of a valid and current DBS Certificate
  • Sports Coaching Graduate

Max Goldie is a fully qualified sports coach who has been coaching children for over 9 years in a wide range of sports

A recent graduate in Sports Coaching and Development, from Southampton Solent University, Max is heading up our team of Teddy Tennis Coaches and is committed to making sure that every Teddy Tennis player has an enjoyable and active Teddy Tennis experience.

Coaching Philosophy

‘I believe in making a session as fun and engaging as possible allows the children to apply themselves more to taking as much from the lesson as they can’

Course & Contact Details

We run Teddy Tennis Lessons, Teddy Tennis Holiday Camps and Teddy Tennis Birthday Parties for children aged 2 to 5+ years old who are  beginners, improvers or intermediates.

Venue Information
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